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"I'm here, Snowflake."
Anonymous sent: Can you add "Love Alone Is WorthThe Fight" & "Shadows And Regrets" by newwriter24? There unique stories! :3

Hello, anon :) Sure thing I will! Thanks for the recommendation!

Anonymous sent: Can you add The Aftermath on to your list? It's a Mulan-based fic and it's really good!

Hello anon! Thanks for telling me~ that’s actually one of my faves too that I forgot;;; really good fic! I’ve added it now ^^


So, umm… since some people are asking for some Jack/Elsa fanfics, I’ve decided to do a full-list. I’m probably still missing a few faves but here is my list at the moment. They’re in alphabetical order (hopefully), and I also put their status whether the fic is complete, if it’s a oneshot, plot summary, ratings etc.

The *NEW* stands for Newly Added not New Fanfic btw. Those are the ones that I forgot to include when I recommended anon some fics (I’ve added a lot btw, and I mean a lot from my previous rec posts). So yeah, if you’re looking for some Snowtp fanfics to read, feel free to check that list. :)

thenamescatcher sent: You're planning to murder me with your art aren't you Fro?


Well… I have a few things planned after I’m done with my assigments. And I’m hoping to give you an emotional feel. Like… another romantic scene *wink wonk* ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)‎



*possibly* an angst short comic.


Anonymous sent: mind if i ask but do you only draw jelsa?

Hello, anon~

At the moment, yes. But in all honesty, I don’t want to draw *just* Jelsa. I want to draw other characters as well like my other fave pairings, probably some disney/dreamworks or anime/manga.

Anonymous sent: can you please recommend me some rated-m ones?? i kinda wanna try...

Hello, anon~

LOL it makes me happy that you’re asking me for rated-m fics ww. Okay, I’ll list you the one’s I’ve read and liked/loved:

They’re all good tbh~ make sure you have a tissue because you might end up having a nosebleed coz the smut~ (O ‿ O✿)

Anonymous sent: sooooo i kinda read all of the fics u recommended hehehe any more? :3

LOL, anon. Are ya fast reader or what :))

I honestly don’t know anymore atm. I’m pretty sure there are a lot more since there are currently 1.2k fics of Jack/Elsa in ffdotnet and I’ve only given you about 50. Sorry, I really can’t recommend you anything atm. And lately I’ve only been reading rated-m fics so… I’m not sure if you’re okay with that.

To fellow shippers, please feel free to recommend anon some snowtp fics that aren’t on my recommend list.

Anonymous sent: Would you ever draw your other otps?

Hmm, good question. I’ll probably draw them when I feel like it ^^

Anonymous sent: Hai der ai was wondering if yuo ar still shipping hans burns if not

Maybe who knows

Anonymous sent: more Jelsa, more Jelsa, MORE JELSA !! (That not a question)

As much as I want to draw more OTP drawings, I have to finish some school assignments first ;o;