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"I'm here, Snowflake."

by じしゃく (Hiphip_hurray | Halloween_aporo)

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Anonymous sent: Hey guys! I saw on your twitter that you could meet Kazeki!! Oh you're so lucky !! If you meet her, dont forget to tell her how much good's fanart to contribute to our fandom, and it's a pity she no longer draws :(

Ohh those tweets about her studying in the UK? Tbh anon I’m not too sure if she is the “kazeki” that we all know because when my friend notified me about it and sent me a link of the info, the kazeki that’s in the photo is apparently a cosplayer(?). So I told my friend about it but when she replied to me though, she said she has seen the artist kazeki before (probably in a local convention?) but forgot her face. I also did a little research if it is the kazeki that we all know and honestly, I’m still not too sure. Maybe the kazeki that my friend told me is a different one since there are people with the same alias as hers?

And Idk if she’ll move to the UK since she’s currently a college lecturer (according to this post) in an art college. But I’d love it to be the “kazeki” though because meeting her irl is just… *dies* it would be sooo amazing! There’s so many things I want to tell her and so many things I’d like to thank her. It would be such a dream come true if I, or we, do meet her one day though. :)

Anonymous sent: This blog : cute Jelsa pics for everyone! Second blog: Bow chica bow wow wow

oh my~ you figured it out

Matching shirts from this.
pearlclam sent: fro i love u. ur bootiful. keep drawing ur jelsa. *strokes ur snoogle*


Kyaaasss thank you pearl //////////

Anonymous sent: What is the color palette you usually use for Elsa's hair?

I use either one of these two ^^


Anonymous sent: Have you ever thought of doing coloring/ shading tutorials? Your art style is definitely the best I've seen on this website <3

Dawww thank you anon <3! I’ve thought about it before (for a friend) but I wasn’t too sure if I should do it since I’m still trying to improve my colouring ;o; I’ll try and make one in the future if anyone’s interested. :)

Anonymous sent: What is your other blog name? I keep seeing it being mentioned but i don't know the name

I’ll tell you if you go off anon so I can privately reply ^^